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On Growing Up..

Calvin and Hobbes cartoon

There is this seemingly innocent question which has popped up in my mind:

“At what time and age do we feel all grown up and without temptation?!”

I mean, all care and caution is abandoned in the heady enthusiasm of youth. I get that.. But do we really grow up and lose that thrill of risk and adventure. Do we grow up and become model citizens and parents and hmm..well.. Grown ups!

Who knows ? Sometimes it might feel that we’ve never grown up. Or never will. There are moments when you want to slip back into the stage of life when you do everything as you wished to. To live your life without any fear. To have to answer to no one.. To be free of all the cares and responsibilities which being a grown up brings..

But then, these are ephemeral wants.

Because in the end, we wish to be tied up by our relationships. We desire to be wanted, loved and cared. We secretly hope things fall apart when we’re not around, so that we’re missed. We want someone to fall back on us.

Otherwise if I were a free bird, and no one’s life depended on me then I imagine I’d feel far worse  – thinking that I have wasted my life!

Yes. How paradoxical are these things we want. Sometimes our wishes attempt to set us free, and other times they only serve to bind us in the most irreversible ways. We are so utterly conflicted – but frankly its a bit too difficult to decide. Maybe because we are selfish and want a bit of both.

Perhaps that is what Growing Up is all about – knowing about your conflicts and developing defense mechanisms to survive them with minimum collateral damage.

What do you think?

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Going with the Flow..


Everywhere you go, you see people ..and places.. Houses and roads and means of transportation. People going somewhere. Everyone trying to be someplace else, different from where they are now..

And that’s how life is in every part of the world. Everyone trying to do something. Reach someplace where they are not right now..on a constant journey. Which is what makes the wheels turn and our blood flow. Or whatever is the term for making things seem normal and routine..

And the moment you wake up somewhere someday with no place you feel inspired enough to go – life comes to a whirring uncomfortable halt. If you do not have any purpose for yourself – however mundane and insignificant it might be, then there is this evil question which creeps up – Am I doing anything worthwhile at all?

And a gnawing question this is – which follows you around like a hungry puppy and bites you in the hand when you try to feed it with inconsequential answers.

So what can you do to tame this ugly thought?

Go with the flow. Do something that makes sense in that moment. Follow a trail – or create a new one.

Because a river is always more interesting than a pond. New experiences always enrich your life’s perspective and because .. “A bend in the road is not the end of the road…Unless you fail to make the turn.”!

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Transitions ..


Have you ever felt the irrevocability of time, and how it steals away chunks of your life conspiring with this fickle fellow called “Change”?

Have you ever sensed you life in a state of flux, as you cling on to precious moments, wanting to prolong them as they steadily and gradually flee away?

Have you been daunted, yet thrilled with the prospect of changes – trapped in a rush of excitement smothered by a twinge of despair?

Have you ever looked back and traced your life as a maze of decision trees, and you yourself a result of all that you deemed, dreamt and desired?

Have you ever noticed how you create your own universe, and how it rearranges itself responding to your hopes, needs and aspirations?

Have you ever observed fuzzy lines blurring as you forge decisions, and something declaring in your mind – “The die is cast”! ?

Have you ever lived through the questions and agonies that transitions bring, and survived them to blossom in a new tomorrow?

Have you??

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Time warp..


Caught in a time warp, tossed and turned by fickle fortune, our lives are an agglomeration of diverse factors. And amidst all this, time is steadily trickling away!..It was a realization of this which inspired me to pen down these words..

Yesterday today was tomorrow,
And strange are life’s ways,
With myriad transformations,
Of tomorrows into yesterdays!!