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The Mansion

Blurred poto

She started trudging across the long winding trail, not knowing how long it would take for her to reach her destination. And scurrying along because she wanted to be back home early, and in time before the sun sets. Across a lonely road, with barricades on one side where construction was in progress. And up to the steps leading to a meandering trail.

It was the first time she was walking this way, and it filled her with apprehension. Made her think about all the true crime stories she had read about women in books. But she banished all these thoughts and walked along. The long series of steps led to a bridge across two parallel hills. And crossing the bridge she moved to the trail. It was beautiful, with the setting sun casting a pale golden light on the skies, and flocks of birds flying back home in perfect formation. All this making her feel a bit sad and desolate – reminding her of her own loneliness. But then , this was not the time and place for these thoughts. She had to focus her mind on her destination.

On the winding trail, to her right was a huge mansion, with droopy trees and melancholy shadows beginning to grow ominously with fading lights of the setting sun. And embracing it a huge garden, with blossoming flowers and a mammoth tennis court. A faded board on the fence surrounding the mansion read – “No Trespassers”. The front of the house faced the bustling expressway ahead. She peered curiously. Oh, so this is where he lived – dappled in luxury and excess, enjoying his life within these walls.

Something snapped inside her. Was it a pang of jealousy. Or a plea of belonging?  She was desperate to see him now!

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Love, love and Love!!

At an age when I could not understand romantic love, I was totally intrigued by it.. I wondered that how could an emotion (which I do not understand) be so powerful and potent that its everywhere.. In movies, books, stories..Love was the forever “IN thing”!
Mired in these perplexing thoughts, an image conjured up in my mind – of a young boy thinking about his love..

And then, I did not have to frame the words, I did not need to set the rhymes.. Like a jigsaw puzzle, the words slowly fell into place, of this young boy and his imagination, a picture portraying the power of Love!!

Why is it, tell me why,
That my world is ruled by you..
The smile on your face,
A twinkle in your eyes,
The sound of your laughter,
The smallest emotion on your part,
Brings joy, light and love in my heart!

Why is it, tell me why,
That the faintest whispering breeze,
Reminds me of your smile,
Fills me with your thoughts,
Spreads your sweet fragrance..
The blossoms grin and smile and say..
“Who is she who fills your thoughts today??”

I think, but I don’t understand,
Why things have to be like this,
The flowers laugh when they see me this way..
The blossoms make fun of me..
The whispering wind just suppresses a grin..
I can hear you echo their laugh somewhere,
But someday,I know, you will really care…

– Written sometime in 1995

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High Five!!

five pic

Tossing and turning, in slumber extreme,
I had this mysterious intriguing dream,
Eleven men in a discussion intense,
NUMBERS, laughing at FIVE’s expense!!..

“Hey guys “, said one, above the exchange,
“This fella here, ain’t he strange ?
Quirky and odd, so stubborn within,
Put him somewhere, and he never fits in!”

“Aha, the imperfect irrational chap,
Multiply with him and you are in a trap,
And dividing by him will give you vertigo,
Save you end with his best friend – ZERO!”

Betwixt this furore, Mr. ZERO wise,
Observing the passions and tempers rise..
Slowly declared – “This is bizarre,
Isn’t it he the one who should be our star??”

“The Olympics’ rings that looks so fine,
They are FIVE, not FOUR or SIX or NINE..
Water, earth, wood, metal and fire,
FIVE encompasses all elements that you desire..”

“Gentlemen here, you might be surprised,
“Five by five” is perfection symbolized…
And what other proof do you want to see,
He is also a perfect Fibonacci?!”

“The PENTAGON – symmetric in stars and flowers,
The PENTIUM – a fifth generation computing power,
Oh, I can keep going on like this – I say…
Even Governments are chosen for a FIVE year stay!!”

And thus, with ZERO’s masterful stroke,
I stirred, my uneasy slumber broke..
Images faded, but a memory was cast,
Of FIVE flashing a brilliant smile at last!!!